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Blaze Transport Dispatch provides first-class dispatch support. Because our dispatchers work with only 3-5 drivers, we can book our drivers in advance, keep them moving and maximize their profits. No waiting at truck stops for loads. Our dispatchers also get to know our drivers and understand how and where they want to work.

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Cliff Smith - Owner

Navy veteran with over 30 years of trucking experience

Cliff has over 30 years of experience in the trucking industry. The last 5 years, he spent driving in flatbed trucking as an owner operator.  Cliff thought same day dispatching was the norm in trucking. He worked with several dispatchers, tried time and time again, only to find himself empty for hours and then forced to take a low-paying load or just sit all weekend. After trying many dispatchers and firing them all, he decided to try dispatching for himself.  Cliff quickly learned that if you have a dedicated, organized dispatcher with only 3-5 drivers, you can significantly increase profits by finding the best paying loads available and eliminating downtime. Our dispatchers customize a plan for your needs such as the lanes you want to run, where you don't want to go and the types of loads you want to pull. Work with us and have a steady schedule, constant communication as well as easy set-up and invoicing. 

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